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Epoxy VS Urethane Resin Comparison With Mold Making

My latest video is about comparing Epoxy resin to Urethane resin. I duplicate a battery door cover and my client has requested the part to be cast out of Epoxy resin.

I go over how I make a three piece silicone mold of the part. There is an undercut snap tab on the part and it requires a small removable part to be added to the mold. This is a useful feature to have to ensure your mold does not rip part way through your project, and so you get consistent high quality parts.

Then I proceed to show how I mix and injection cast the very stinky Epoxy into the silicone mold and reveal the results. With this Epoxy resin I find that because of it’s viscosity, and cure time it’s not the ideal casting resin for this application. Finally, I make a Urethane resin part for comparison.

Stick around to the end for my conclusion overview of the two resins and my preference.

Eric Strebel

My name is Eric Strebel, I am an Industrial Designer and run Botzen Design Inc., a product design and development company focusing on handheld and table top consumer products. I design products for global partners from initial concept to mass production, including hand drawn ideation concept sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, as well as CAD and pre production samples. I bring dreams to life and I also document and preserve my craft & process on my Design and Making YouTube channel .

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