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Humanoid with quad-Roomba drive


Via Hizook comes this QuadDrive Roomba robot from the University of Bonn’s Autonomous Intelligent Systems Lab (NimbRo@Home). Check out the...

Pacman Roomba


Youtuber longjie0723 made his Roomba into Pacman with 448 yellow LEDs. Looks great! Via BBG.

Horny Toad Roomba Cozy


Holy moly! Gareth @ MAKE writes: This is creepy and weird in a totally “I SO want that on MY...

Roomba FAQ


For all of you current and potential Roomba hackers out there, you better watch out for strange behavior and read...

Roomba’s roots


By way of BotJunkie comes this robot vacuum, the Dustbot, sold by Tomy in 1985. I’d never even heard of...

All terrain Roomba/iRobot


Byron Lahey and other researchers at Arizona State University are working on this all terrain iRobot modification. He writes: Robot...

1 - 20 of 173 results
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