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Teacup Stirling Engine


[youtube] There’s energy all around us, just waiting to be tapped. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee on...

Two-Can Stirling Engine


The Stirling engine has long captivated inventors and dreamers. Here are complete plans for building and operating a two-cylinder model...

CNCing a Stirling Engine


“Movement is Everything” shows the CNCing of a Boehm Stirling engine. Nicely done and totally turns the creation of these...

Stirling Engine


This beautiful engine teaches you the basics of thermodynamics as its power comes from an external heat source, which can...

Stirling Engine Generates 1 Watt


Doug Conner‘s Stirling engine may be viewed at the upcoming Bay Are Maker Faire. Check it! This Stirling engine delivers...

Soda can Stirling engine


This Instructable details how to build a Stirling engine out of a few soda cans, a balloon, and some terminal...

Teacup Stirling engine


Gorgeous teacup Stirling engine, spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool. From MAKE magazine: Check out MAKE, Volume 17: The Lost...

Stirling engine car


Dean Kamen is working on a Stirling engine car and it’s on the road… The same day that Ford and...

1 - 20 of 78 results
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