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Lego WeDo Most Useless Machine


GeekDad Robert Ferguson is playing around with Lego WeDo, a robotics system intended for kids too young for Mindstorms. He...

Angriest Most Useless Machine


This very entertaining take on the classic most useless machine gag is not quite so patient as its ancestors. Oh...

Counting useless machine


Michal Zalewski created this really great Useless Machine — which counts the number of times it has been triggered —...

Duelling useless machines


YouTuber SaskView is doing alright with this stunt: He's coupled two Most Useless Machines together with a bar, at the...

Most useless machine


Inspired by Claude Shannon's Ultimate Machine, Instructables user SaskView designed this excellent most useless machine.

Most useless Lego machine


Inspired by the most useless machine, Karel decided to make a clone using LEGO and some switches.

The Useless Candle


How to make a "Useless Candle;" its only function is to blow itself out

1 - 20 of 101 results

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