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Hanna Perner-Wilson just released a kit version of her fabric bend sensor– everything you need to make one yourself!

This is a kit, meaning that it comes unassembled and requires you to have tools and some regular sewing thread as well as about half an hour time for completion.

This kit contains:

* Two 2 x 12 cm pieces of 1.5 mm thick HS quality neoprene with polyester jersey fused to each side (gray, purple)

* Two 1.5 x 9.5 cm pieces of Velostat

* Two 1 x 2 cm pieces of stretch conductive fabric with fusible interfacing adhered to one side

* 60 cm of conductive thread

* 1:1 Instruction stencil printout on A4 paper

To compete this kit you will need:

* Regular clothing iron

* About 60 cm of regular sewing thread

* Sewing needle

* Scissors for cutting thread

* Knife for cutting out stencil

* Pen for marking stencil

You can use her Instructable as a guide to construction.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Bend Sensor Kit

  1. Jan Rader says:

    The link on this craft to the Instructable goes to an error page that states “No Such Instructable.” Neat item, anyway!

  2. Fabric Bend Sensor Kit Becky Stern says:

    All fixed, thanks for catching that! Try the link now.

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