How-To: Sharpen Your Scissors

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How-To: Sharpen Your Scissors


Are your favorite scissors getting dull? Give inexpensive scissors a new lease on life with a sheet of sandpaper and this scissors sharpening tutorial from Jessi at Practically Functional!

I wouldn’t use this method with nice dressmaking shears—if you’ve got high quality scissors, your neighborhood hardware store or sewing shop should be able to point you in the direction of a trusted local knife/blade sharpener—but it might be worth a try for those well-loved bargain scissors! Of course, if you’re concerned about your blades, you can always try a commercially available home scissors sharpener, a trip to a blade sharpening professional, or even cutting through tinfoil to hone those edges.

And, while you’re in scissors mode, you can also learn how to clean and oil your scissors here.

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  1. ladykalous says:

    I use this a lot! Even on my “expensive” ones! It works! Why would I pay some one to do this?! Duh! I have also used the bottom of a coffee cup to sharpen knives and scissors! It works! Why pay some one to do what you can do in just a few minutes! Dont knock it till you try it! Foot in mouth!


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