How-To: Velcro Catch Ball

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Velcro Catch Ball
By Marie LeBaron

This DIY game of Velcro Catch Ball is super fun and super affordable. Using winter knit gloves and velcro balls, little hands never had it so easy in a game of catch.


Velcroball Materials
Winter knit gloves the cheap kind
Velcro with sticky back circles are best
Plastic round balls ping pong balls or Wiffle balls


Velcroball Step1
Step 1: Place velcro stickers onto each plastic ball. You’ll only be using the hard “hook” half of the velcro (we’ll have to come up with another use for the fuzzy, soft half). Try to place them evenly. I used 6 circular velcro stickers on each ball; I wanted to make sure my daughter could catch it, so the more velcro the better.
Velcroball Step2
Step 2: Now it’s time to play catch. Only use one glove at a time. One pair of gloves will be enough for 2 people to play catch. One gloved hand can catch the velcro ball and one bare hand can pull it off and throw it back.
About the Author:
Author Marielebaron
Marie LeBaron is a crafter, foodie, and mother of three from Salt Lake City, Utah. You can see more of her crafts at her blog Make and Takes. Or for more monstrous crafty fun, check out her Monster Mania eBook.

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