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Kip’s video tips

Craft & Design

Kipkay has some decent video tips in his Video Tips & Tricks Volume 2.

Kipkay’s Video Tips & Tricks 2


12 thoughts on “Kip’s video tips

  1. Maxster says:

    bring back bre!

  2. Volkemon says:

    @ Maxter….
    The only thing constant is change. You echoed the call in all our hearts, but time goes on and people and places change. Celebrate and remember it, dont try to recreate.

    and Kip kicks ass. Bre would be, and I hope is, proud.

  3. re:peter says:

    bring back bre!

  4. Slingshotkid says:

    Why didn’t the weekend podcast appear on the blog. I have to say kip did a very good job this time.

  5. RDAC says:

    1) Decent. I can see this being an issue on some cameras, especially Sony’s consumer grade stuff.

    2) Um, no. You see rain, you leave. They make weather cases for this type of stuff when you have to, but it’s a silly idea strapping an umbrella to a large mass of metal pipes and continuing to shoot.

    3) Fair tip. I’d relay a reminder to folks to remember to black out their tapes:

    Personally, I never do this for fear of dropouts (especially when shooting HDV). It’s just easier to buy clean tape, since the $2-3 you save once will not save you in the editing room later if you get a bad spot in your footage.

    4) I doubt any serious videographer is going to be caught dead with a kiddie eyepatch.

    A better tip is to bring a portable DVD player that will let you pump line-in into it. Fashion a shade hood for it out of cardboard, a little black paint and you’re set with your own personal preview monitor.

    5) The only really useful one of the bunch. Same can be done with painter’s tape, just put a strip in the middle, fold it over and write away.

  6. mak3r1 says:

    4 and 5 are great tips. I for one would wear an eye patch only becasue pirates rule! not ninjas! arrrrrr.
    Nice job Kip.

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