Mask Making for the Viking Procession in Providence

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Mask Making for the Viking Procession in Providence

AS220 Artist-In Residence Dennis McNett (Wolfbat Studio) has led workshops in mask making all this week, and the results are remarkable. Over 70 people have made piles of masks and helmets, from the vacuum formed wolves and skulls above to the bird-embellished Viking helmets below. These will all be strapped to a menagerie of characters who will take to the streets in a viking procession in tomorrow’s Foo Fest and RI Mini-Maker Faire.

These masks were made in the AS220 Labs vacuum former. The purple flocking is recycled from a jewelry manufacturer, and the images were silkscreened in the AS220 Print Shop.
The mask forms are built up from cardboard and masking tape.

2 thoughts on “Mask Making for the Viking Procession in Providence

  1. trkemp says:

    I was more impressed when i thought they were hand painted paper mache. Silk screening and vacuum forming are neat too, and much better suited to mass production. Looks like a fun project!

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