Mitch Altman on Manufacturing Your Design

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Mitch Altman on Manufacturing Your Design

Mitch Altman MAKE Volume 26 Manufacturing Your Design
Mitch Altman is one of those blessed human beings who is always smiling, and the most beautiful thing about his smile is that it’s completely genuine. The man lives what he believes and loves what he does. The inventor of the TV-B-Gone, Mitch has valuable life experience to share with makers who want to manufacture their designs, and he shares it with us on the pages of the current issue, MAKE Volume 26. From building a working prototype of the product and package to marketing and selling your product to “Mitch’s One Rule of Doing Business,” he walks us through the process, offering perspective that only someone who’s gone through it can have. Mitch is certainly tapped into the zen of making, and I’ll take his advice any day.

This quote from the piece is as powerful as Mitch’s positive outlook:
“There’s no guarantee that if you do what you love, you will make a lot, or even earn a living from it. But if you don’t, what is guaranteed is that your ideas will remain only dreams, and those dreams may fade.”

Check out Mitch’s sage advice in the full-length article, shared here from our digital edition.


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