Curiously cool magnetic beat sequencer

Music Technology

[Warning – abruptly loud bits around the 1m50s mark]

Dave Wright‘s Magneto-Conga percussion sequencer is just dripping with handmade DIY awesomeness –

using three Hall Effect Sensors

dc speaker is pulse width modulated for speed control
mangets are placed on spinning mole can to make rhythms
three channels – as many magnets are you can fit on it
i only have four magnets right now sorry
three twin-tee drum tones and small amp

i was lazy and put them all on the same transformer
im going to put another supply in just for the audio section
but the motor interacting w/ the amp is funny

was orig built on piece of wood as base – and then built case
around unit from scrap

See more of Dave’s work over at not breathing [via Matrixsynth]