Jimmie’s uglified camera

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Jimmie’s uglified camera

[Photo from Connors934 on Flickr]

The other night I noticed Jimmie’s camera amidst the rubble of a circuit bending melee. It stood out for how intentionally ugly it was. He said that it was done in preparation for a trip overseas, where he wanted to make sure he kept his camera. After taping it up and otherwise camouflaging it, he developed a shooting technique where he folded our the screen, set the shots up, then held it up to his eye while shooting to make it look like a film camera. Film cameras, he figured would be of little or no interest to those with sticky fingers.

It reminded me of Rick Polito’s article in MAKE, Volume 11 U-G-L-Y Your Bike. Mostly, I just try to keep my camera low key and dislike carrying a dedicated camera bag, what do you do?

Jimmie has posted some additional information on his blog:

Back in 2005 I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to do some volunteer
work. Within the first week my camera was stolen. Being that I was
volunteering in some of the communities there, I spoke with some
people about it. They said that all digital cameras are worth money,
but none of the film cameras are unless it’s an SLR.

One of the other volunteers had this model of camera, and I thought
that with the LCD closed, it almost looked like a film camera. So I
bought one in the US, had it shipped over, and then I covered it in
tape and sharpie marker.

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