Project: Love Transfusion Valentine

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By Rachel Faucett
Everybody loves to be loved. What if that love could be injected? Taking inspiration from an IV bag, I went looking around the house and took a trip to the local supermarket to find all of the supplies I needed. So if you have a relationship that needs mending, seize the opportunity this Valentine’s Day by sending this fun & simple Love Transfusion valentine!



Template PDF see below
Inkjet sticker paper
Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop
or equivalent liquid lollipop
FoodSaver 8″ bags found at Target
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer or equivalent vacuum sealer
Hole punch
Aquarium tubing
Clear tape

Download PDF Download the Love Transfusion Label PDF
Right click to save the PDF to your desktop. Directions on downloading PDFs.


Step 1: Print the sticker using the downloadable PDF template above.
Step 2: Leaving the cap on, cut off the end of the Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop. Squeeze the contents into the far right corner of the 8″ bag.
Step 3: Following the instructions included with your heat sealer, seal the top of the 8″ bag. Once the liquid lollipop is sealed and secure, turn the bag horizontally and seal the 8″ bag in half.
Step 3: Trim the excess bag material and punch a hole in the top of the bag. Attach the aquarium tubing with clear tape to the end of the bag, making sure to cut one end of the tubing at an angle.
Step 4: Apply the sticker and fill in the applicable “patient” and “donor” information.
Step 5: Enjoy your patient’s reaction to this fun & unconventional valentine!
About the Author:
Rachel Faucett is a design and vintage scout for all things children, sharing her latest finds on her blog Handmade Charlotte. She lives on a farm just outside of Atlanta with her husband and their five children (and ever-changing menagerie of animals).

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