Shadow cast panel art

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Shadow cast panel art

Drzach & Suchy’s Shadow Casting Panels display one of multiple images in a single display surface determined by lighting position –

Scp Pixels

The main observation underlying the concept of SCP is that the shadow cast by a physical object depends on the shape of the object and the direction of the illumination. This enables the control of the shadow by appropriate design of an object for specific lighting conditions. In particular, it is possible to design objects (building blocks) which depending on the illumination, either cast a uniform shadow, partial shadow, or (almost) no shadow at all. Such objects can be directly used to represent pixels of rasterized images, and by arranging the blocks into panels (arrays) entire images can be represented.

more video and detailed info – Relativity [via Neatorama]

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  1. Kyle McDonald says:

    explained well. Reminiscent of Larry Kagan and other shadow sculptors.

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