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Swaknyswell Fabric Sample
Swankyswell Bloom
Swanky Swell produces eco-friendly textiles designed by Nina Jizhar. The coloful fabric prints are hand screen-printed on 100% cotton using non-toxic water based ink with production done in San Francisco. Purchase fabric by the yard or these beautiful pillow covers too. You can catch up with Swanky Swell’s news and design picks at her blog.
Swankyswell Pillow

6 thoughts on “Swanky Swell: Eco-Friendly Fabric

  1. pear says:

    i love this fabric! i think i feel some new sewing projects coming on…

  2. Amy Hadley says:

    Not helping my throw pillow obsession. I want all of them!

  3. Eco-Guy says:

    This collection is stunning and environmentally sound. Today there are all kinds of technologies being developed to protect our resources like clean air and water as well as support local indigenous workers who often make the clothes we wear in the West.
    One really interesting company helps address the massive amounts of pollution and water usage normally employed by clothing manufacturers at the dyeing stage of clothing production. Their eco-friendly dye process is called AirDye (http://AirDye.com/?21) and avoids using water as well as enormously reduces the amount of pollution to the environment.
    Another interesting technology along that solves the caring of clothing is called Xeros was recently written about in the Economist. See the article here: (http://www.economist.com/sciencetechnology/tm/displayStory.cfm?story_id=13892738)

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