Tree Ring and the Portable Landscape Series

Craft & Design


Colleen Baran has created a series of intricately designed jewelry that definitely stands out from the rest. Creating small “portable landscapes”, the pieces speak to nature. For the Tree Ring (2006), Colleen used paper mache, plastic, astro turf, acrylic, and pebble.

Colleen Baransays, “I was considering the idea of jewelry as small portable landscapes, of how textures and environments evoke a feeling and I wanted to make little evocative pieces of wearable land. Simple little spaces with grass and trees and ants and animals. With dirt wet from rain. With freshly cut lawns. They’re also a product of the materials; my rediscovery of paper and plastic. I wanted everything to be surprisingly comfortable, light and wearable- if delicate.”

Colleen’s Tree Ring will also be in the upcoming exhibition “Tree”, opening Nov 2nd at 5pm and running until Dec 2nd, at the Influx Gallery in Calgary, Canada. Link.

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