16 DIY Menorahs You Can Weld, Solder, Print, and More

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The Festival of Lights is upon us, but looking at some of the DIY menorah projects on the web, it looks like this may be a Festival of LEDs for some. Here’s a list of some of the coolest menorah builds, projects, and tutorials that we found. If you like traditional or high tech, pocket-sized or large and bright, dinosaurs or macaroni (or both!), there’s something here for you.

Geared Up for Hanukkah


Candles are de rigueur these days, but in honor of the oil that kept burning for eight days here is one DIY menorah that might actually still have some oil on it. Redditor Matmospheric and his roommate welded this menorah from motorcycle gears.

[via Reddit]

Breadboard LED Menorah


The folks at Sparkle Labs posted this simple breadboard menorah with LEDs set in a folded paper candle holder.

Copper Tube Menorah


Copper pipes make up this DIY menorah proving that “simple” can be an impressive visual statement.

Steel Pipe Menorah


Maker Avi Solomon built this large menorah (nearly as tall as his 7 year old son!) with steel pipes and LED lights.

Flickering Mini-Menorah


You can solder this mini-menorah kit in no time at all. Each time you turn it on and off an additional LED lights up. That’s basically the same as a lighting a candle, right?

3D Printed Menorah-saurus Rex


Ancient tradition meets prehistoric appreciation in this Menorah-saurus rex that is 3D printer ready thanks to designer Moozicmon.

A Menorah-saur You DON’T 3D Print


Since menorah-saurs are a thing, here’s one you can make even if you don’t have a 3D printer. Keep it classy with silver paint.

Antique AND Modern Menorah


A family of antique brass candlesticks look modern when set into a white box.

Metallic Macaroni Menorah


With just some macaroni and glue you can have your own DIY menorah tonight! How’s that for comfort food.

LED Menorah You Solder Yourself


If you thought the flickering mini-menorah was too small to impress, then this is the bigger, better LED menorah soldering kit for you.

Minty Menorah


This is a menorah you can keep in your pocket. When your friends ask for mints, you can share something much more special with them instead.

Crocheted Menorah


Sure, dreidels are the go-to Hanukkah toy, but this crocheted menorah is a fun addition. The pattern is free and even includes some burn-proof candles.

Pie Tin Menorah

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This is an outdoor menorah decoration that already looks cool even before you see it in action. The maker uses GE color-changing lights that can be controlled via smartphone.

[via Instructables]

Felt + Circuit Stickers Menorah


Part menorah and part intro to circuits, this Instructable offers kids a Hanukkah-themed chance to play with circuit stickers and LEDs. Pick up a circuit stickers starter kit and light it up!

Steampunk Menorah


Grunambulax made this steampunk menorah from old radio tubes, LED’s, plumbing fittings, knife switches. As he puts it: this is not your father’s menorah.

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