3D-printable buckydome brackets

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This project illustrates the awesomeness of Thingiverse and open hardware. User c60 created some nifty geodesic dome brackets with the idea of using them with repurposed tent poles. While a great start, c60 didn’t have the math completely figured out and asked the Thingiverse community to pitch in. EFFALO of the Fabricating Blog rose to the challenge and printed out 20 hexagonal and 6 pentagonal connectors and used the math calculator found on DesertDomes.com to determine strut lengths. Voila, a dome! [via the MakerBot blog]


6 thoughts on “3D-printable buckydome brackets

  1. Jowa Moo says:

    Nice…Maybe I should try that thing…
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  2. kerjawa says:

    green lamp?

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