Amazon Now Lets You Customize and 3D Print Video Game Characters

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Amazon Now Lets You Customize and 3D Print Video Game Characters


We knew this was inevitable and will likely prove to be a big boon to the commercial 3D printing market: tabletop and video game characters, playing pieces, and gaming terrain that you can design, customize, and 3D print (either commercially or on your home 3D printer). On July 8th, Amazon announced that their 3D Printed Products Store would now be offering customizable “collectible figurines” from three popular video games: Infinity Blade, Smite, and Primal Carnage.


The new product offerings are part of a partnership between Amazon, 3D Systems, and Sandboxr, a 3D printing customization app. At launch, 35 characters from the three games are available for customizing. Features you can customize include character poses, armor and weapon choices, and accessory selections.


From Amazon’s press release:

“There is a lot of passion and excitement in the culture of gaming, as well as in 3D printing, and by combining these two worlds and allowing customers to design and personalize their favorite video game characters, we can bring enthusiasts even closer to the games they love,” said Steve Johnson, Director for the Amazon Marketplace. “3D Printed Products on Amazon is still in its early days, and we are eager to offer customers the freedom to be designers and create one-of-a-kind items.”


As part of their new “Digital to Doorstep” service, Sandboxr and 3D Systems will print your customized figure in photorealistic color using ColorJet 3D printing technology on ProJet x60 series printers and mail them directly to you. Prices for customized figures currently range from $30 to $90. It appears the resulting figures are from 4″ to 8″ tall.


If you’re a miniatures gamer and want to have minis with your head on them, Prodos Games, offers their own custom 3D printing service. Take photos of your head, choose what gaming milieu you want your head to be in (fantasy orc, WWII German soldier, dwarf, etc.), and part with $123 of your hard earned cash. For that price, you get five variants of your head and two printed heads for each variant (so, ten heads in all). After the initial scan, a set of 5 additional heads is only $12.

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