DiResta: Metal Keychains

CNC & Machining Digital Fabrication Metalworking Workshop
DiResta: Metal Keychains


Many people know I like my logo, I’m always showing it off. Here I am using it as an example to show how you can make custom metal key chains using a tin alloy that melts at 400°F (specifically, this 176-898 MPK lead-free tin alloy) and simple casting method using a material called Delft clay. (If you follow my videos you may have seen my belt buckle video using the same method.)

In this video I use the CNC machine to make the form used to make the molds for each cast. I start with the design software V-carve Pro to create the cut path. I’m using Corian as a form; Corian cuts beautiful and holds perfect detail. I make two forms of the design to make production go twice as fast. Thank you, and enjoy!

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