Repair Rebel Multitool – Is Round Better Than Folding?

Repair Rebel Multitool – Is Round Better Than Folding?

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The Repair Rebel, created by Thomas Smafield, is a 24-feature multitool cast out of solid titanium, with no moving parts, featuring hex heads, a torx head, spoke keys, and screwdrivers. Its manufacture is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign if that’s your thing.

The open trail is full of surprises and consequently the right tool has the potential to be a life saver on a long bike trip. In light of this we have introduced a sleek and multifunctional tool called the Repair Rebel. There are a number of qualities a user should consider when selecting a multitool; the Repair Rebel’s design allows it to excel uniquely in aspects previously regarded as design trade offs.

What do you think — is this better than a folding tool? Leave a comment with your thoughts. [via Inhabitat]

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