Don’t just play Guitar Hero, build your own

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Don’t just play Guitar Hero, build your own

This project shows you how to hack a standard computer keyboard to build your own Guitar Hero-Like controller for “Frets on Fire”, the free, open source Guitar Hero clone from Finalnd. Really nice build pics here with step-by-step instructions to get you rocking in no time.

Hacking a toy guitar to make a “Frets on Fire” controller

2 thoughts on “Don’t just play Guitar Hero, build your own

  1. RDAC says:

    I was part of the team that demo’d Frets on Fire as part of the Open Source Gaming booth @ Maker Faire Austin last year.

    Truly a great game, and allows you to take customization to a new level.

    A couple tips to keep in mind: don’t think that just because you’ve mastered Guitar Hero, you’ll cakewalk through this. Every level is about a step above the levels in those games, so don’t get frustrated – it’s supposed to be challenging, after all…it’s a game!

    You may have to tweak your settings for input delay. If you seem not to be hitting the note, it may not be your fault (or then again, it might :) ), so check your settings before you start ranting about how much it sucks.

    Best of luck, and keep on shredding!

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