Hackerspace Happenings: Milwaukee Open House & Xinchexian Insect-Bot Workshop

Hackerspace Happenings: Milwaukee Open House & Xinchexian Insect-Bot Workshop

Milwaukee Makerspace Open House

Sounds like Milwaukee Makerspace is coming along, with a sweet new space and a recent open house! Check out these videos to learn more about the organization:

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Insect Robot Workshop at Xinchexian

Shanghai Hackerspace Xinchexian will be holding a Chinese-language insect bot workshop Sunday the 24th from 1-5pm and the event is open to anyone 5 and older.

Hackerbot Labs is Selling a Mill

This device needs a good home. We purchased this mill several years ago – – it was our first mill, and we used it quite a bit for all sorts of projects. It’s a large beast – – very stiff – – it can really remove some massive amounts of material. Along with the size, comes very clean cuts. One of the core reasons we purchased this mill and not a small desktop mill was our desire for high quality cuts. Benchtop mills are not very rigid – – they flex a bunch while cutting, and this can cause ‘chatter’ which impacts the accuracy and quality of the cut. This mill does not suffer from this problem, due to it’s size and mass.

Anyway, back to my point. We still have this mill, but we also just purchased a fancy pants cnc mill. Thus, we don’t need our trusty standby any more.

Pinhole Photography Workshop in Allentown, PA

MakeLehighValley is hosting a pinhole photography workshop at Hive4A (Allentown, PA) on Saturday April 23rd from 1:30pm to 4:00pm

Join us for this fun, hands-on workshop where you’ll get to:
Make your own camera!
Take pictures using the camera you just made
Develop the negatives and print your pictures in a darkroom
Scan and post your photographs online for World Pinhole Photography Day

Stanford’s Think Outside Starts Up

A friend and I are co-founding an entrepreneurship organization with the intent of creating a vibrant community of passionate, motivated people. Here is our tagline: Think Outside is an open and supportive community to incubate aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.

It sounds like the group is open to Stanford students as well as non-students.

OmniCorpDetroit is Hosting a BBQ

With the falling snow making us forget that it is actually Spring, we almost forgot to spread the word that this Saturday 4/23 10:00a-1:00p OmniCorpDetroit will be hosting our Spring “UBER HACK!”

What the heck is UBER HACK you ask? It is a delicious morning/afternoon of BBQ, music, and show-and-tell of all manner of project weirditude accompanied by sides of zesty workshops. C’mon over and check out some of our projects, learn how to solder, craft some paper helicopters that shoot hundreds of feet up, and make some flower seedbombs so that we can plant some color in the empty lots ’round Eastern Market. Last but not least, Uncle Jeff will be demonstrating his famous Electric Pickle Light! Yes indeed….creative synergistic empowering multi-level knowledge-sharing galore!

So grab your family and get yourself down to Eastern Market this Saturday 4/23. Grab some fresh fruits and veggies, check out all the amazing vendors with their sumptuous treats and fancy wares, and finally stop by OCD for UBER HACK!

Saturday 4/23 10:00am-1:00pm
1501 Division St @Riopelle (currently painted as “United Produce”)
Eastern Market
Detroit, MI 48207

Are you a hackerspace member with an event you’d like to publicize? Send it to johnb@makezine.com or tweet me at @johnbaichtal and I’ll post it. Also feel free to subscribe to my hackerspaces Twitter list. Hackerspace Happenings will run weekly Tuesdays, and the next one will come out April 26th.

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