Recycled Wine Cork Keychain Favors



Recycled Wine Cork Keychain Favors
By Tiffany Threadgould

That special day can turn into quite a pricey event. When it comes to creating a memento to share with your wedding guests, do yourself a favor and use recycled materials. With a few additions from the hardware store and a color printer you can create this easy, personalized, wine cork keychain. This project is a great way to save some green by making it green.
Tip: A great place to collect wine corks is at your favorite bar or restaurant. When you tell them they’ll be put to good reuse, most will be happy to contribute to the cork collection.


Wine corks
Screw eyes
Small nails
Key ring
Color printer and paper


Step 1: Format a tag on your computer to 2″ wide by .75″ tall. Leave a .75″ square on one side, as shown in the image above. This part will lay across the top of the cork. Then print and cut each piece.
Step 2: Take a piece of clear tape and laminate the front and back of each piece. Trim off any excess.
Step 3: Fold each piece .75″ from the edge. Rest the folded piece across the top of the cork. Poke the screw eye into the laminated piece of paper and screw in to the cork. Attach the key ring to the screw eye.
Step 4: Flip the cork over and put a nail through the bead. Then press the nail into the bottom of the cork. It helps to press the nail against a table when pushing it into the bottom. Pass out your favors and enjoy a glass of wine.
About the Author:
Tiffany Threadgould is a design junkie who gives scrap materials a second life. She’s the head of design at TerraCycle, a company that collects and creates products from waste. She also keeps up her own green biz, RePlayGround, where you can find ReMake It recycling kits and oodles of DIY projects. Tiffany thinks that garbage has feelings too and can sometimes be found talking to her pile of junk at her design studio in Brooklyn, NY.

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