4 Taxidermy Drones: Yes, That’s a Thing

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At some point someone got the idea to put a taxidermied animal on a remote control (RC) body. Here’s a few examples of this type of animal-machine hybrid. I’m not sure I would want my pet immortalized like this, but to each his own I suppose…

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Beloved Cat Turned into a Flying Machine

A former cat, named “Orville” after one of the inventors of the airplane, has now been turned into a quadcopter after his death. Apparently this seemed like a good idea to his owner and “Orvillecopter” creator, Bart Jansen. Whatever your feelings on this type of creation, it’s definitely not the only one of its kind.

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Here’s an interesting concept: a flightless bird in life, given the ability to fly in death. Engineer Arjen Beltman and visual artist Bart Jansen (who also made the Orvillecopter) first flew this contraption in July 2013. From the video, it looks like it takes a lot of power to get this land-bird off the ground! Via Simplebotics.

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If you think this is a Nazi weapon from a World War II documentary, well, it’s not, but this taxidermied shark jet does bear a resemblance to a V-1 flying bomb. OK, minus the shark. No nation tried a flying shark bomb as far as I know, but it probably wouldn’t have been the weirdest weapon ever devised. Flight starts at around 3:00.

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Rat Drone

If there is a cat drone, having a rat drone to chase around would only make sense. The creators of the cat and ostrich drone helped create this for a 13-year-old boy named Pepijn, whose pet died of cancer, and wished it could fly like the Orvillecopter. It’s an interesting configuration for an RC vehicle, with two propellers on the front and two coaxial propellers on the back. Via The Verge.

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Angry Ram Takes Down A Drone

If you think this subject is a little demeaning to animals, here’s a video that turns the tables on humans. Someone decided to harass a ram at around 0:30 in this video, but revenge comes very quickly thereafter. Apparently the ram understood who was piloting the craft. He decided to follow the owner, then trips him up at the end. So I suppose nature always has the last laugh!

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