Announcing Our World Maker Faire Cosplay Contest Winners

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Announcing Our World Maker Faire Cosplay Contest Winners

We had an absolute blast at World Maker Faire New York with the judges and finalists of our cosplay contest. They really brought fantastic stuff that left us all in awe of their incredible skills. We’re very proud to announce the winners and show the world what they made.

Judges Dhareza Maramis, Becka Noel, emcee Jackie Craft, and Darrell Maloney “The Broken Nerd”

Before I jump into the winners, I’d like to give a special thanks to our judges for this event, pictured above. They had the toughest task of all and did an incredible job.

And now for the winners! 

Grand Prize

Dhemerae Ford’s “Thor Goddess of Thunder”

As an avid cosplayer, I have been designing and 3D printing costumes for New York Comic Con since 2015.  It has been a great avenue for me to not only represent strong female characters, but to also share to a larger audience the capabilities of 3D printing, and hopefully inspire others, especially young women to get involved in the community.  This costume was perfect for the medium of 3D modeling and printing, for it allowed me to get my desired shape, scape, symmetry and detail necessary to stay true to the source material.  From a finishing perspective, this helmet provided an ambitious challenge for me.  I had to transform the surface quality of the plastic into “metal” using a 4-part spray chrome process.  Due to the complex surface of the armor, it took a lot of time, trial and error to figure out the best method of applying the paint to achieve the best result.  It’s also very difficult to make such a large build when you live in a small 1-bedroom apartment in queens.  But utilizing the various spaces of our family and friends, I were able to complete it.

The Grand prize winner received an Atom 2.0 FX 3D Printer.  Atom has re-designed the entire hot end assembly from the ground up and custom built our parts so they can fit together seamlessly to provide a super consistent extrusion of filament. The hot end is CNC milled from titanium and, paired with the custom aluminum heatsink, ensures that the heating stays in a very localized area for better temperature control and better preservation of filament integrity.  Lots of possibilities for an avid prop maker!

Addtionally, the Grand Prize also received the Becka Noel’s Calista Knight III, and III patterns from Cosplay by McCalls, and a Jackie Craft Armor pattern from Simplicity.

1st Runner Up

Give Wave — “Nah I’m Just Feeling It”

So much carving, and sanding & burning & stretching & dremmeling & cutting & grinding & scoring !! lol … this is by far the most detailed piece I’ve probably made and took about 2 weeks to complete … all patterning was done from scratch and there are at least (if memory serves me right) 68+ pieces of EVA & craft foam ( 2/10/5 mm), small & large pieces that make up the entirety of this multi-faceted mask. The Hairpiece is removable and attaches via magnets to make it easy to style and keep hair products away from the paint job

1st runner up received a kit from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply The team dug through their huge selection of cosplay products to put together an Advanced Cosplay Kit. It features various worbla’s, foam clay, flexipaint, filler, and iron powder. Give Wave received also a private beginners workshop on working with Worbla, and various Jacquard acrylic paints.


2nd Runner Up

YouTube player

Kerchuan Soong – Audrey II

This Audrey II puppet from Little Shop of Horrors accompanied me on Halloween 2017. It was my first puppet build.

2nd runner up gets an Adafruit Surprise Box – A surprise box put together by the awesome people behind Adafruit. With their large selection of embedable electronics, sensors, actuators, tools, and huge array of other items. They’ll also receive a $100 Gift Card to Maker Shed

3rd Runner Up

Endymion Mageto — Doomfist

I did the formal Doomfist skin from the hit video game Overwatch. The entire arm and shoulder is custom modeled and 3D printed.

3rd runner up will receive a treasure trove of patterns from Cosplay by McCalls. These patterns include: WastelanderTrenchedResistanceStashVictorCloaked, and Becka Noel’s Calista Knight III, and III.

These projects just scratch the surface of all the incredible entries we received. Take a look at all the entries on the contest page.

Next… get thinking about our 2019 contests!  Maker Faire Bay Area dates are May 17-19, 2019 and World Maker Faire New York is scheduled for September 21 & 22, 2019.


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