Calendar Round-Up

If you’re like me, you’re probably realizing that it’s 2008 and you haven’t bought a calendar yet. (I don’t think I’ve ever remembered to get one before January.) Here are some of the calendars I’ve been thinking about — Happy New Year, everyone!
Happify 2008 Calendar
I had Happify’s 2007 calendar on my bedside table last year and loved it! Each month is totally different, but linked by the classic brown and white color scheme. When the month has passed, there the flipside is a postcard, so you can record the goings on of the past few weeks and mail to your friends. Link and Etsy shop

Blissen Calendar
Jill Bliss’ and Saelee Oh’s calendar was a big hit at our office last year; I noticed a bunch of copies on desks around the room. I love the delicate colors and fine lines depicting half-psychedelic, half-fairyland worlds. Link

Hawks and Bunnies calender by the Wild Unknown
I love the delicate imagery (almost like Durer etchings) paired with contemporary song lyrics. The Webs and Butterflies calendar is just as great. Link

Lotta Jansdotter’s tea towel calendar
Now you can keep track of time wherever you are, even in the kitchen. Or you can frame it and hang it on the wall. Link

Little Tree Press Calendar
As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for letterpress printing, and I love the botanical prints juxtaposed with colorful print backgrounds. Link and homepage

Urban Calendar 2008
This one’s a nice interactive take on the classic one-page calendar. You can punch out each day as it passes and then use the thin sheet of wood to hold business cards or postcards. Link and Etsy shop

Papercut Calendar by Paper Blue Bird
I love the simple imagery of these screenprints; they look like they’re straight out of one of my favorite children’s books from the 1930s, with a twist of humor. Link and Etsy shop

Jen Skelley 2008 Calendar
For those with minimal wall space, this would be the perfect solution. Fun, soothing colors (surely that’s not a contradiction in terms), with the phases of the moon notated, it’s a great year-at-a-glance calendar. Link and Etsy shop

Flora and Fauna Calendar
Huge blossoms, wreaths of leaves, birds, and deer decorate each month of this tiny calendar. Link and Etsy shop
I hope you all have a wonderful year!

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