Computer Desk from Cable Reel

Computer Desk from Cable Reel

Furniture maker Tom Ives put together this computer desk from a cable reel used by big telecom companies. I’ve seen end tables and bookshelves made from cable reels before, but they don’t match the inventiveness of this piece of furniture.

[via Recyclart]

4 thoughts on “Computer Desk from Cable Reel

  1. Cable Reel Computer Desk of the Day - TDW Geeks says:

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  2. Steve Kennedy says:

    Anyone have any suggestions regarding a computer desk for my monitor setup (which has been sitting in storage since I closed my business) It’s a 6 monitor set up, Zenview arena 24 and I want to take it out of storage and put it in my house. Only my wife thinks its a monstrosity, and hates the idea of having it in one of the rooms unless I can make it look decent with the right desk…….any ideas?

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