Cross-Stitched Tweet Anniversary Gift

Cross-Stitched Tweet Anniversary Gift


Professional grown-up and former Craft editor Lish Dorset shared this terrifically thoughtful anniversary gift that her husband is in the process of crafting for her this year. He’s cross-stitching a sampler that illustrates the very first tweet he ever sent to her. This is a great example of how social media can potentially add a little romance to our lives by providing a record of our social interactions, but it’s Lish’s husband’s clever crafting of the message that makes this little snippet of social media really special.

0 thoughts on “Cross-Stitched Tweet Anniversary Gift

  1. Holly Ramer says:

    Very sweet, but I think you have it backward. Her Instagram comment says HE is making it for HER. (“For my #handmade wedding anniversary gift, @nbritskyis cross stitching the first tweet he ever sent to me. Eat your heart out, gals.”)

    1. Andrew Salomone says:

      Thanks! :P

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