DIY gadget makeover

DIY gadget makeover

Redesigned Gadget
From the MAKE: Flickr pool

Pauric shares techniques for redesigning/improving consumer devices in need of a makeover. His example project, a ‘sunrise alarm clock’ –

One of the first things I do with device I buy is take it apart to see how it works, see if there’s anything interesting going on inside. There’s a lot to learn from doing this and as the Maker Mantra goes – if you cant open it you dont really own it.

Inside this alarm are all the standard parts you get in any $10-$20 alarm clock so I was a little peeved to realize I paid 4 times that for an alarm clock WITH a light bulb that wouldnt look out of place on a Christmas tree. Now I’m super motivated to remake it.

He also includes a nice video rundown of the power tools used in the process – Turn a generic plastic gadget in to something a little more beautiful

4 thoughts on “DIY gadget makeover

  1. borgie says:

    It would seem the displayed time on the remade clock and the statement “…I’m super motivated to remake it” are at odds with each other, wink wink nudge nudge. Super motivated to eat this here case of Twinkies, more like it. ;-)

  2. says:

    I saw these clocks and thought that it was a nice idea, but very overpriced, so I tried to make one instead with an arduino. I took two flashlight bulbs and dimmed them up with pwm. But I haven’t put a display on it yet, and no easy way to change the time for the alarm.

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