Dry erase table…

Dry erase table…

table.jpg[Via the MAKE Flickr Photo pool] Michael Dorian has made a dry erase table. If that isn’t cool enough, it’s intended for use in bed so when good ideas come along in sleep, they can be written down. Love it! Our own Terrie Miller made a wall based version from shower board for $14.

0 thoughts on “Dry erase table…

  1. terrie says:

    It must be marker board day on the web — Kevin Kelly’s got a post about them also on Cool Tools, featuring perhaps the ultimate white board material, P3 Ceramicsteel.

  2. Kosso says:

    id’ really like a tablet screen in the shower.

    I come up with my best ideas in the shower. the amount of notes I’ve scribbled in steam, or diagrams to help me think things through!

    then it could wirelessly send it back to the living room pc, when I’m all dry and ready to work ;)

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