Giant Button Mosaic Counter Display

I am in awe of this amazing giant button mosaic created by Jo of Button Candy and Angie of Lucky Pony.

Angie and i were given the task to do WHATEVER we wanted to the front bar counter at work. Lucky us, we decided to stick down 4261 buttons (i made that number up – and wouldn’t be surprised if it was more) spelling out the word hello.

You can see pictures of the mosaic in process on Jo’s Flickr stream. I love it! I have a wall space similar to this counter in my kitchen, and I’m eyeing it in a whole new way now ….
[ via maximum RABBIT designs ]

2 thoughts on “Giant Button Mosaic Counter Display

  1. erika says:

    Oh that’s WAY more than 4261 buttons! I once made a button covered pillow that was 12″ by 12″ and there were nearly 300 buttons on the thing!

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