Give Cable Companies a Run for Their Money With This DTT Transmitter

DTT-TransmitterIf you have dreams of competing with Kabletown, this project from Open Electronics might just give you your start. Their DTT transmitter circuit will let you transmit up to four channels of video and audio to television sets with digital tuners. To achieve this, there are four encoders on board which convert analog video and audio into MPEG-2 and, in turn, pass the data along to a multiplexer and digital transmitter.

The site has the schematic, board layout, bill of materials, and an excellent write-up of how it all works together if you’d like to make your own. Of course, you’re still a long way off from becoming your own cable provider, but it might be a great project to bring into a private television network in a school, hotel, or other institution. [via Kevin Groce]

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