Hover creeper

Hover creeper

Hover Creeper Low Res
Know those wheeled slabs in garages that you push around while on your back to fix your car? Check out this floating 40 psi version that can lift over 300lbs and glide right over all the cracks and debris. If you’re working on a car, you likely have an air compressor – so this is a pretty neat idea. I’m interested in getting a portable compressor and using this as a hoverboard – [via] – Link.

14 thoughts on “Hover creeper

  1. patrickkeane says:

    Great idea, but the article is misleading. They say mechanics will save money because they wont be replacing broken wheels on their old creepers. I call B.S. That assumes that air hoses, compressors also never fail (false), and even better, that it costs nothing to run an air compressor (definitely false).

  2. bf5man_ says:

    And then the Back to the Future theme started to play in my head…

  3. matthew_kleinmann says:

    I need to check the link out but I suspect that while the 40PSI seems very nominal, it will take a lot of CFM to make it hover. I would not hole hight hopes of this working at all with one of those little 12V portable compressors. They move hardly any air.

  4. bf5man_ says:

    The portable 12 V compressors are not built to pump for long since they are not properlly lubricated, i don’t think you would get much pumping time with them.

  5. Russtang says:

    I’m guessing this would get annoying real quick. Imagine all the crap on your garage floor (brake dust, dirt, rocks) being constantly blown everywhere by this creeper. Not to mention the fact that you’d have a constant hissing noise. I think I’ss stick with my $20 wheeled version.

    As a hoverboard, I think it would rock! No mention of CFM of flow required, but I imagine you would probably need a very large, gas-powered compressor to hover.

    Either that or you could drop a regulated tank of compressed argon or something similar and probably hover for a while.


  6. Patrick Simon White says:

    Hi All, the answers to your questions are all available on http://www.aircaster.com I have worked in the fluid film handling business for 20 years, it exists and it works when used correctly. I am also http://www.airfloat.co.uk.

  7. Pep Boy says:

    Ok, so you supposedly save money on little wheels, eh? How about all the air you waste using that. I mean 40 psi is a lot but how many cubic feet/min does it blow? Not much economy if the compressor motor is constantly working, is there? What are you supposed to be left for use on the air tools? The constant hissing noise would drown out the tunes thereby drastically lowering productivity. (you would have a nice clean floor though) However, it would save money for those who constantly have to put money in the swear jar as you wouldn’t be able to hear them. Also you could remove the work rate sign as the customers would not want to be ‘helping’ diagnose the problem in the service bay!

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