HOW TO Make a BusyBox

HOW TO Make a BusyBox

20 Never answer the phone again….you plug in the other end of the phone line that is connected to the phone box into the wall socket. Doing this will activate the Busy box and cause all phones that are connected to the system to not work (you will hear no dial tone when you pick up the phone ) and there will be no incoming calls (when ever some one calls your house it will say “this line is busy” message). Link.

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  1. Winston1 says:

    I used to do this a simpler way.. Take a phone cable, cut off one of the ends, leaving a few inches.. strip this short pigtail, and twist together the red and green wires… tape it up and you’re done. Plug it into any standard phone jack, and poof the line stops… Especially nice when your sister won’t get off the phone. ^_^

  2. Mastacool says:

    Just so folks realize, this trick is likely to attract the notice of the phone company if it’s left in place very long. It shorts out the line, which looks like a cable fault. There’s a good chance that the telco’s automated equipment will deactivate any line that this is connected to for very long.

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