HOW TO – Make your own soda on the cheap

HOW TO – Make your own soda on the cheap

Juggler writes –

So I like carbonated beverages. Soda, Beer (especially beer), Champagne, whatever bubbly.
So I found this Lindsay Press deal about how to make your own soda.

  1. There are three options
  2. Spend a lot of money and buy a commercial soda fountain or it’s parts. Expect to pay at least $200 even on ebay for a carbonator unit (a pump and a chamber probably without regulators)
  3. Ferment. Take sugar water, add yeast and wait. This is definitely the lowest cost solution, but I don’t like to wait.

OK There is a fourth option: Buy the premade stuff (but hey, this is “instructables” right? We like to Do it ourselves.

So Stuff you will need: CO2 canister – If you can’t afford one (or don’t drink enough beer to have a kegerator) then troll the streets. Restaurants often leave these out in back to be exchanged with new ones. Choose a large chain restaurant to steal from. No, don’t steal. CO2 is useful for other projects. Buy a cylinder. They last a long time (essentially forever) You will need to buy a regulator. $40. buy a new one.

instructables : HOW TO – Make your own soda on the cheap – Link.

4 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make your own soda on the cheap

  1. =mathew says:

    Option 3: Spend $99 on a brand new Soda Club system, including syrup and CO2 cartridge.

  2. mrChew says:

    Just FYI, stealing a tank will not do you a whole lot of good. Most places that fill tanks require you to have proof of ownership of the tanks, to prevent people from doing exactly this.

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