Interactive Cross Stitch


Natolivia Xstitch

My friend Olivia pinged me this morning to check out this Brazilan site Natureza Viva. The environmental site is for the Brazilian company, Vale do Rio Doce, and has an interactive flash cross stitch game to get people aware and involved in the environmental cause. (Please be patient and wait for the site to load in the beginning.) I worked on Flash from it’s inception back in the day and lets just say I am not impressed easily by flash sites or games. This game blew me out of of the water. Not only was I virtually cross stitching, the animation of the needle through the fabric was very satisfying. Plus, the best part was I was stitching along side my friend Olivia. As nerdy as that seems, both of us obsessively started to fill up open holes in the stitches sometimes running into each other. So if you have a bit of time try this out and if you see me stitching, give me a nudge to say hi. [ via ] Link.

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