Live: Maker Faire Rome

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Live: Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition – is entering it’s 6th year. This event is massive, bringing makers from around the globe to Rome for this fantastic display of maker ingenuity.

This is a live blog, so we will be updating it all through the weekend. We’ll put newest things at the top.

And that is a wrap! Maker Faire Rome has come to an end. This was incredibly fun and nearly overwhelming with the amount of amazing things to see. I can not wait to see how they top this next year! – Caleb Kraft

This robot is used by the Italian Aeronautic Military to go places where it’s dangerous to send people such as search and rescue and bomb disposal. – Mark Mathias

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Arrow created a device using Lego and three Mindstorm controllers to create an engaging paper airplane folding and launching machine. – Mark Mathias

These autonomous racers are from University of Modena’s High-performance Real-Time Lab and part of a global competition of F1 Tenth (  Here, the racer is navigating the course using LIDAR and other onboarding sensors.  – Mark Mathias

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The process of peeling waste bottles into a rough filament, then cramming that through a more precise extruded, then printing with it. All the 3D printed parts you see were printed with this filament. It isn’t perfect, the width and consistency can vary, but as you can see it gets the job done! – Caleb kraft

-These structures, made from steel tubes and cut-to-length cables and tightened with turnbuckles were surprisingly rigid and beautiful. – Mark Mathias

Muybridge’s Revenge ( showed a model of the classic Polaroid SX-70 camera that you can use to take photos. – Mark Mathias

Also shown by Federico Perricone of Muybridge Revenge ( is a “Conical Anamorphic” image. The image is distorted unless you view it directly from above and look at the silver cone. – Mark Mathias

Swiss Robotics was showing off this interesting bot. The idea is to use it in areas that have had major catastrophe. – Caleb Kraft

These nano sensors can “smell” to analyze when items in an oven are fully baked, whether food in a refrigerator is still good and whether parmesan cheese is really from Italy! – Mark Mathias

Keeping your pizza hot by taking heat from engine exhaust to keep the pizza delivery box warm, while keeping the fumes away from your pizza. -Mark Mathias

Yup, that’s moldy bread! – Caleb kraft

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A wooden bicycle, made from bamboo – Mark Mathias

This was an interesting hybrid. A quad outer with a push prop and wings – Mark Mathias

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A beautiful example of silk weaving. No artist present to ask about it.

Learning about animals. Look at that hedgehog!

Handmade instruments from Vinbox. Find them on instagram @vinboxdevs. – Caleb kraft

This is a functional model of how we taste spicy things. – Caleb kraft

Friday below this point

Lumi Industries, a 3D printer company, brought some cool prototypes. The flat one, seen above that uses a tablet to expose UV sensitive resins, and expand upwards as the print grows, as well as a very early prototype of a printer that uses lasers to sinter sugar into shapes.

Here are some prints off of the tablet printer prototype.

The sugar printer is in earlier stages and looks like the normal printer they sell on their website

And the example isn’t quite as impressive… yet.

These display bowls are recycled from old motorcycle tires. They’re coated in epoxy so they’re nice and clean. I love how they look.

So happy to see cosplay at Maker Faire Rome!

The Mediterranean Academy of Architecture brought an entire area devoted to digital fabrication. I loved how they were working with ceramics, wood, and textiles

Fund more info at

Hackability is showing off their fantastic accessibility projects.

This collapsible solar oven from my unfolds like a flower

Pretty cool modular desk system from pimpmydesk

Wasp 3D printers is really showing off their ability to print in clay. These faces were 3dprinted and then gone over by hand. You can see both results have their own style. -Caleb kraft

Tapigami is already hard at work building a little tape city for the weekend. This will likely double in size by the end of the day. – Caleb kraft

I’ve just started exploring. It is hard to express how huge this Faire is! There are 7 buildings this size. This isn’t even the whole room, I couldn’t get it in one picture. – Caleb kraft

Massimo Banzi of Arduino has taken the stage. He’s talking about how Maker Faire Rome compares to Faires around the world and how the maker community in Italy has been evolving – Caleb kraft

Oooh, live music before the speakers! That’s a nice touch. I believe most of their instruments are made from recycled materials. – Caleb Kraft

Just getting ready to begin! The speakers are finding their seats for the opening ceremonies. – Caleb Kraft

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