Low-cost infant incubator

Low-cost infant incubator

infant.jpgMaker Jus2in posted this in our /talk section, but I wanted to get it on the blog…“I’m putting together the plans of a low-cost infant incubator that an Indian physician has developed. She’d like to distribute the plans of the device to other doctors in developing countries. Is there anyone out there who would like to help out on the project or could point me to a place where I could find interested engineers?” Post in the comments if you’re interested.

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  1. jm109 says:

    Sounds very interesting, I’d like to get involved if possible… I’m a nyc industrial designer, w/ lots of experience in product development/design engineering. Let me know… jmillerid.com, jm109 at lycos.com

  2. DheerajGorukanti says:

    I am working as a part of a group at Duke University which is working toward designing a low-cost infant incubator. Could you please let me know addittional information and/or contact details. You can reach me at dkg2@duke.edu

    Dheeraj Gorukanti
    Duke University
    +1 732 991 7165

  3. Defli says:

    ( sorry for my approximative english)
    I am italian moroccan industrial designer and I am planning to open an infant incubators factory in Morocco to distribute in morocco and delovepping countries in africa. I am really intrested in this project and anyone with specific knowledge in this field is very welcome.
    Rachid Defli

  4. Harry Gombachika says:

    I am a Malawian and would like to take this project and work with my undergraduate students to try an produce one for our hospitals in Malawi. Can I have the designs?

  5. nice_Neotech says:

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    By- Niceneo

  6. bhavik says:

    i am bhavik and would like to take this project with my classmates to try and make it for one of the hospitals and than for others.
    can i have detailed report about this project wid designs and code and all…

  7. Mohammed A. Hasan says:

    Hi ,
    I’m a med school graduate from Egypt and I’ very interested in such projects
    Could you email me your progress and the source for the infant incubator the Indian doctor developed ?
    ese7en at gmail(dot)com

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