Making Austin Weird: Shopbot

Making Austin Weird: Shopbot

From now until the awesomeness that is Maker Faire Austin, I’ll be highlighting projects that you can find at Travis County Fairgrounds on 10/18-19. Tickets here; see you there!


Shopbot will be out in full force this weekend, including a complete DIY house project:

The New Orleans House Project is prefabricated housing that can be assembled without any hardware using only a rubber mallet in a very short time by unskilled labor. The goal of this project is to provide quick, easy, temporary housing for areas effected by a natural disaster.

Bat Houses: provide a safe nesting area for bats. This helps keep bats out of your attic. There will be a Bat Expert coming from Georgia, with some live bats.

Kids projects 3D glowing skulls, and rubber band racers.

I almost want to get in a suspended animation machine until tomorrow…

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