The Many Wheeled Wonders of Maker Faire Hannover

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The Many Wheeled Wonders of Maker Faire Hannover

This weekend, for the 6th year in a row, the German maker community (and beyond) come together for the oldest Faire in Germany: Maker Faire Hannover, taking place at the Hanover Congress Centrum, set in the idyllic City Park, on September 14–16, with the 14th being a dedicated Schools Day intended solely for educators and students. Last year 20,000 people came out in support of Maker Faire Hannover, and this year’s lineup of 900 makers is bound to draw an even bigger crowd.

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Maker Faire Hannover is organized by organized by Heinz Heise, the German publishing company that produces a German-language version of Make: magazine and is part of a series of Maker Faires in the region.

The robust lineup of maker exhibits, presentations, and workshops covers a broad range of interests and offers something for everyone, from 3D printing to embroidery. What stands out is the healthy variety of wheeled wonders that will be rolling around Maker Faire Hannover. Here’s just a sampling.

Hand-Forged Steel Beetle by Vrbanus

Croatian artist Sandro Vrbanus has rebuilt the original body of a classic 1970 VW Beetle entirely from hand-forged steel. The project took over 3,500 hours in total. The windows, engine, and wheels/hubcaps were retained from the original car. Bonus: It’s encrusted with 5,000 Swarovsky stones. 

Hornetboard Electric Skateboards

Created by German developer Sascha Mattiza, Hornetboard sells complete electric skateboards as well as conversion kits. With the goal of being the best electric skateboard the world has to offer, Hornetboard’s features include four gearless hub motors with direct drive to the wheels, intelligent and safe battery and power supply system, lightweight at only 7kg, all-wheel-drive, and 6,000 or 8,000 watts of power.

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Rustang Sally and Clampasaurus by Joe Rush

Maker extraordinaire Joe Rush from England, founder of the Mutoid Waste Company, is bringing two of his most iconic vehicles to Germany for the first time: Clampasaurus and Rustang Sally, both built out of reclaimed old tanks, disused fighter jets, and rusty car and motorcycle parts. Rush brings fantastical creatures to life using only recycled parts.

Gothic Batmobile

Hannover-based maker Konstantin Koon has a penchant for modified sports cars. For his Gothic Bat Car he spent years extensively rebuilding a Ford Granada. It has left and right two 5-meter-long, retractable wings, a turbine exhaust, and two giant circular saw blades. The vehicle is powered by the original Granada 2.8-liter, 150HP V6.

Urmel Pedal-Powered Amphibious Vehicle

Brothers Paul and Hansen Hoepner aim to embark on an ambitious and epic journey where they’ll travel 4000 km across Alaska on their own in their self-built, pedal-operated amphibious vehicle called “Urmel,” which will be both their transport and shelter. Below are the videos of the chassis trials, showing their innovative design with independent suspension on each wheel, and their project overview.

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Maker Alexander Frank is bringing his classic VW bus with a lot of LEDs added on the inside, outside, top and bottom. To boot, the bus holds a whole DJ setup on board. Come sit in the bus and take a photo!

Human-Powered Flapping Cart

The Wing Man has a dream of one day creating a “World Human-Powered Flapping Cart Race” and wants everyone to experience the wonders of flapping carts. The cart he’s bringing to Maker Faire Hannover is 7 meters wide, 3.5 meters long, and 2.5 meters deep when in operation. Come take it for a test drive!

Maker Truck by Jenni Swiss

Lukas Jenni will be bringing the awesome mobile workshop Maker Truck, a converted fire truck that houses everything a craftsman needs. During the Faire, the Maker Truck (booth A20) will be hosting the creator’s program with sessions on everything from hammer restoration to sewing your own tool roll. Check out the schedule online.

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For all the information you need to check out these awesome vehicles and so much more this weekend, head to the

Maker Faire Hannover website!

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