Tim Hawkinson exhibit at the Whitney Museum

Tim Hawkinson exhibit at the Whitney Museum

6650.jpgI hope to get to NYC to check this out, it looks amazing! Many of the geared, motor driven exhibits are so big, they needed to be housed in the Sculpture garden. Ãœberorgan, created from multiple bus-size biomorphic balloons, each with its horns tuned to a different note in an octave, is a gargantuan self-playing organ. Its musical score consists of a 200-foot-long scroll of dots and dashes encoding old hymns, pop classics, and improvisational ditties. Tim Hawkinson explains: “The score is deciphered by the organ’s brain- a bank of light-sensitive switches- and then reinterpreted by a series of switches and relays that translate the original patterns into nonrepeating variations of the score.”.

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  1. jmmiller says:

    My wife and I were just there a few weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing. I really felt like we were in the presence of a genius. He is a modern day Di Vinci with inventions that will define how we look and feel about the world for many years to come. Check out this PBS special that he was in Art 21. http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/hawkinson/

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