Video makers gift guide – Video solutions, tutorials, on-the-go and more…

Video makers gift guide – Video solutions, tutorials, on-the-go and more…

Video technology sure has come a long way in the past 30 years. In the early days the first video recorders used by TV production crews were large quad decks about the size of refrigerator lying on its back and recorded video onto 2-inch wide videotape. Now you can easily find camcorders that fit in your pocket and even shoot high-definition video. This holiday season millions of people will give and receive some form of video, whether it’s a LCD TV, video game system, camcorder or other device. Why not consider giving the gift of video in the form of a fun and practical project that can be found in the pages of Make Magazine? Here is just a sampling of some of the video related gifts and resources you can find in the pages of Make and the Maker Shed. Happy Video Holidays!digitalvideohacks.jpg
Digital Video Hacks
With digital video, the hacking possibilities are limitless, for both amateurs and professional artists. From acquiring footage, mixing, editing, and adding effects to final distribution, Digital Video Hacks provides unique tips, tools, and techniques for every stage of video production. Whether you’re looking for a new technique to include in your next project, a solution to a common problem, or just a little inspiration, this book reintroduces you to the digital video you only thought you knew.
Price: $24.95

Volume1.jpgVolume1 - video.jpg

MAKE Volume 1 – $14 Video Camera Stabilizer
You don’t have $10,000 to spend on a Steadicam? Make this ultra-low cost video camera stabilizer and see how much better your video shots turn out.


Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer Kit
This easy to construct kit is a fun way to play with cellular automata and video synthesis. When complete you will be able to uncover endless visual and sound patterns on any TV with a composite NTSC video input. From Critter & Guitari, All of the components are thru-hole mounted, including board mounted potentiometers, and a pre-programmed microcontroller. No programming is necessary, all that is needed to complete the kit is a soldering iron.
Price: $49.95

volume 14.jpgVolume14 - video3.jpg
MAKE Volume 14 – Spy Sunglasses
Record what you see and hear with these low-cost stealthy sunglasses. You can find this video project and more in MAKE Volume 14.
Price: $14.95

Volume16.jpgVolume16 - video.jpg
MAKE Volume 16 – Pole-Mounted Aerial Video Rig
Reach new heights and see things like never before with this bird’s-eye-view video or photo project.
Price: $14.95

Field Shoot2.jpg
I get asked all the time, “Kipkay, what kind of gear do you use?” Even though some of this equipment may be a bit out of your price range, here is a complete Holiday Guide of Kipkay Video Gear.
All of my HD footage is acquired using a Sony HVR-V1U 1080p HD Camcorder
All video is processed at 1920×1080 at 60p in full 4:2: 2, for optimum picture quality. In the 1080 24p mode, the images are scanned at the full 1080 lines, and 2:3 pull down is added and recorded to the 60i HDV tape.

My audio gear is from Sennheiser and consists of the ew100ENGG2 kit

I use the Lowell brand of studio lighting which is a Tota/Omni Kit

And finally everything is edited on a PC based Matrox RT.X2 HD editing suite that offers Professional Real-Time SD and HD editing using Adobe’s CS3 suite. That’s just a brief look at some of the gear I use to shoot my videos for Make Magazine’s Weekend Projects.

Volume 8 .jpg
Volume2 - video.jpg
MAKE Volume 8 – How Not to Make a How-To Video
Learn some common mistakes when making a How-to video, plus how to build your own high definition video recorder, make a teleprompter, how to podcast and more…
Available in our Digital Edition
Volume 7.jpgVolume 7 - video.jpg
MAKE Volume 7 – Rocket Powered Camcorder
Hack a $30 single-use camcorder to make it reusable then
launch it up in a model rocket and capture thrilling astronaut’s view footage of neighborhood escape and re-entry.
Available in our Digital Edition
And finally here are some great membership options for a few of the best video sharings sites. Get a Pro Membership from or upgrade to upload video on Flickr. Take your Vimeo epxerience to the next level with Vimeo Plus.

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