Weekend Project: Remote-Controlled Camera Mount

Turn your R/C car into a secret spy vehicle with this simple project.
Thanks go to Ben Wendt for the original article in MAKE, Volume 20.
To download The Remote-Controlled Camera Mount video click here and subscribe in iTunes.
Check out the complete Remote Controlled Camera Mount article in MAKE, Volume 20 and you
can see that in our Digital Edition.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Remote-Controlled Camera Mount

  1. Chris says:

    For xmas I got one of those really really small wireless spy cameras and did the same thing, although instead we found a visible scew on the outside and replaced it with a lager screw so the car would stay on. I can get live video and audio played through the 3″ tv ( also a Xmas gift ) although I can’t find out how to record without getting my laptop involved… Any suggestions?

    But trust me this is a fun project! Cooler when you see it live though.


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