Weekend Watch: Robots R Fun!

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Weekend Watch: Robots R Fun!

We here at Make: have a soft spot in our hearts for amazing kid makers. Not only is it impressive to see smart young people doing cool, creative projects, at 8, 10, 13, but it also gives one hope for the future, knowing that they are already taking full advantage of the high-tech tools and toys, the maker community, and the project-based learning resources available in our networked world.

A perfect case-in-point is the two young sisters behind Robots R Fun. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Ashley and Lauren Voisin are young makers to be reckoned with. These two youngsters are passionate about building robots, designing and modeling high-tech wearables, and expressing their ideas and creativity in a host of other ways. They maintain a website, a YouTube channel, attend Maker Faires, and travel to schools, teaching other kids the joys of making. Here’s an interview that Make:’s Caleb Kraft conducted with the girls at Maker Faire Calgary:

Ashley and Lauren don’t have too many videos up on their YouTube channel, but hopefully they’ll be posting more soon. One gets the impressing these two young ladies are busy.

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With Robots R Fun, they hope to inspire other kids to explore robotics, electronics, and high-tech wearables. On the TutorBright blog, Lauren was asked what advice she would give to other young makers. She responded:

If you want to do robotics, you have to believe in yourself because it can get tricky, but if you push through, you can create anything you imagine, like a jet pack or something really awesome like that! Finding a mentor, club, or a makerspace is super helpful because it will connect you with people who are probably working on projects that are related to robotics.

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You can follow the girls through their website, Robots R Fun.

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