KillaCycle, faster than ICE?

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Looking for a fast ride? Try out KillaCycle. Loaded up like a cordless drill on wheels, the designers and engineers behind the hopped up bike are providing a proving ground for new electric vehicle technologies as they set and break world records in drag racing. In many ways, electric vehicles can outperfom those with ICEs, or Internal Combutsion Engines.

KillaCycle® is the quickest and most powerful electric motorcycle in the world.
It is quicker and faster than ANY other electric-powered vehicle on the drag strip. (This includes dragsters, etc.)
It has over 500 hp and accelerates 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in less than a second!

The secret of KillaCycle®? – The batteries!
The powerful A123 Systems nano-phosphate™ battery cells are what makes the KillaCycle® go as fast as it does! The same battery cells are found in DeWalt cordless hand tools.

The National electric Drag Racing Association helps to provide a venue for EV racing, an electrogeeky combination of art, science, sport, and spectacle. Since electric vehicles start their run with loads of torque, they can provide a great power plant for racers.

EV World has a good interview with Bill Dube, owner, and team manager of KillaCycle. Apparently, Dube isn’t the regular driver of the bike.

He gets his thrills these days dreaming up ways how to make his record-holding Killacycle a bit quicker, endlessly tweaking, continually experimenting with a motorcycle that started life as a highly-modified Kawasaki but long ago left its Japanese origins far behind. According to the effervescent Coloradan, who has been building electric cars for decades, Killacycle is never the same machine from one race season to the next, and often between races.

Check out Saul Griffith’s call for EV help on the Open source car: Design brief in MAKE, Volume 01 and Solar Roller from MAKE, Volume 11.

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