Journal of Pyrotechnics

Journal of Pyrotechnics

I just discovered the website for the Journal of Pyrotechnics:

Issues of the Journal of Pyrotechnics [ISSN 1082-3999] appear twice a year. Early issues contained 40 to 50 pages. More recent issues contain 70 to 80 pages printed in 8-1/2×11″ format with medium-sized print. Areas of pyrotechnics addressed include fireworks, pyrotechnic special effects, propellants & rocketry, and civilian pyrotechnics. The Journal is “dedicated to the advancement of pyrotechnics through the sharing of information”. This is accomplished with a mix of different types of articles; however, most fall into two areas. One area is reports on pyrotechnic and fireworks research conducted by both professional scientists and individual experimenters. The other area is reviews of various technical and craft areas of pyrotechnics, some at an advanced level and others at a tutorial level.

At $25-40 per issue, this is clearly an industry-priced publication. PDFs of articles can be bought at .50 per page.

Journal of Pyrotechnics

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  1. Kate says:

    I am writing other firework enthusiasts to let them know of Nantucket’s Annual 4th of July fireworks and the behind the scene look that Plum TV covered. I work for Plum’s website and we joined pyrotechnicians, Ed Adam and Mike Sandman, while they showed us what it is like to get ready to light the night sky with fireworks. The link to our segment is below if you’d like to include it on your site or just check it out.


    If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Thanks so much.

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