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Makezine_COTM_Capacitor-BadgeI love this quirky video by Jesse Holleran, showing a bunch of experiments he did with a 3,000-farad capacitor, including welding two pieces of metal together, melting a paper clip, and electrolyzing water into oxygen and hydrogen.

An ultracapacitor, also called a supercapacitor, is an electrical component capable of holding hundreds of times more electrical charge quantity than a standard capacitor. In some situations, an ultracapacitor can take the place of a rechargeable low-voltage electrochemical batteries! Ultracapacitors deliver high amperage of relativity low voltages. The ultracapacitor charges up with direct-current (DC). Interesting fact: ultracapacitors keep working at temperatures far below freezing and most electrochemical batteries don’t work well at extremely low temperatures.

Capacitors can be dangerous, so don’t attempt any of these experiments unless you really know what you’re doing.

6 thoughts on “Ultracapacitor Experiments

  1. Salman Sheikh says:

    video timed out…

  2. Bruce Miller says:

    Soon enough coils and super capacitors large enough to play critical roles in Hub motor designs – one on each corner with and interconnecting computer control makes for the ultimate electric 4 wheel drive. Electric cars are here, better ones are coming and possibly from China and very soon. See Tesla video rolls of aluminium to fully painted car bodies all by robots, view this video as the newscasts describe the end times for Detroit, and the grease pit and sheet metal era of car manufacturing ending now.

  3. Fiz Snap says:

    The cap seemed to be overcharged at the start, that is not good. After that I would be sure the cap is rated for pulse discharge before you go and rapidly discharge it. If it is not rated for pulse discharge, you may open an internal fuse in the cap, or the cap may explode.

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