Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit Now Available in the Maker Shed

Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit Now Available in the Maker Shed


The second kit based on Patrick Di Justo and Emily Gertz’s Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino, focused on Gas Detection in the Atmosphere, is now available in the Maker Shed.

Along with the book, we include two gas sensors in the kit, both of which are compatible with the Arduino. The MQ-2 Sensor detects Liquid Petroleum Gas (propane), methane (the primary component of natural gas, and a potent greenhouse gas), and smoke. The MQ-6 is sensitive to butane and propane. With their powers combined, you can accurately measure ground-level air pollution with your Arduino, and store the data for later on the board’s EEPROM or an SD Card. During testing, I used the MQ-2 to detect smoke and signal me via the LCD screen, as seen in the below video (I apologize, I have vertical video syndrome).

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The first project in the book is a Tropospheric Gas Detector, which will introduce you to reading and storing data from the sensors. Both sensors can also be used for gas leakage detection in homes, and the sensitivity of each can be adjusted by the onboard potentiometer.

Head over to the product page to check it out, and share any ideas you have on how to use the kit in the comments below.

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