Fritzing adds support for Propeller, Wiring, Basic Stamp, and more

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Fritzing adds support for Propeller, Wiring, Basic Stamp, and more

New Microcontrollers for Fritzing

Fritzing, the open source toolkit that “allows users to document their prototypes, share them with others, teach electronics in a classroom, and to create a pcb layout for professional manufacturing”, has added support for more microcontrollers:

… [W]e are introducing further microcontroller alternatives into the Fritzing ecosystem. In the new release, due tomorrow, you will already get this sweet array of choices. Besides the Arduino and its variants Mega and Nano, you can now use:

  • Modified’s pico, an Arduino-compatible micro-scale board (thanks to Brian Evans)
  • mbed, a new ARM-based microcontroller on steroids (thanks to Simon Ford)
  • Wiring and Wiring Mini, Arduino’s sister project (thanks to Hernando Barragán)
  • Basic Stamp, the classic from Parallax in all its colorful variations (thanks to Ken Gracey)
  • Propeller, the new multicore processor from Parallax (also thanks to Ken)

Plus, in the community contributed section you can find: the Mignon Game Kit (thanks to Olaf Val), the Bare-Bones Board (thanks to Janis), the Pks-01 (thanks to Michael Franz), and the Ardweeny (thanks to Cameron Behar).

Support for further microcontrollers – Wiring, Propeller, you name it – Fritzing blog

In the Maker Shed:



Propeller Proto Board USB

Our Price: $39.99

The Propeller Proto Board USB has all the features of the Propeller Proto Board and includes the USB programming interface on the board for those projects which need the USB interface in the application.

Bare Bones Arduino Board Kit (Unassembled)

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